Stearic Acid

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Stearic Acid

Product Specification

In normal temperature, stearic acid is white or yellowish flaky, bead-like or lumpy solid.

It is made up of C16 & C18 saturated fatty acid. The stearic acid is widely used as the heat-stable medicinal preparation, the lubricant, the remover, the plasticizer in the plastics industry; the curing active ingredient, the softener, the dispersing agent in the rubber industry; raw materials of lever wax, tea wax, cup wax and craft candle; the softening cream, cold cream in the cosmetics greasy raw materials, and also serves as the emulsifier, the super fatting agent, the softening agent, the polish and so on; the emulsifier, the dispersing agent, the quality modifier in food profession; AKD, the softening agent in the paper industry; wax pencil’s raw material in the culture and education tools, pencil’s lead and the solid glue water thickener; assistant agent in the medicine, the surface active agent and antibiotics and so on; raw material of solidified alcohol in the fuel industry and the soap base in the lubricant industry and so on.