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Bitumen Transportation

Aceoil maintains and transports bitumen in the most suitable conditions and in accordance with international standards, in order to maintain the properties of bitumen, relying on its expertise and equipment.


The result of having a specialized repair shop for transport fleet maintenance, fleet ownership and maximum use of container space (110 barrels, 180 kg per container and 25 tons per tanker), is that Ace Oil customers receive the right product according to the specifications and at the time in accordance with the commitment and contract.

High Daily Bitumen Carrying Capacity

Properly packaged and engineered along with the ownership of the transport fleet, provides a suitable platform for maximum use of available capacity.

Ownership Of The Transport Fleet

Due to the industrial nature of the region, Ownership of the Aceoil shipping fleet has eliminated intermediaries by eliminating contracting companies. As a result, it saves customers time and money.

Transport Safety

AceOil always maintains and carries safe transportation while paying attention to the health and safety of its drivers And puts the safe transfer of bitumen at the forefront of its work.

Real-time fleet tracing

Considering that the convenience of our customers and timely delivery of the orders are among our main goals, we are planning to equip our truck fleet with GPS so that ACE Oil customers can track the location of their orders in time.