Residue Wax

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Residue Wax

Product Specification

Residue wax (also known as Foots Oil) is a by-product of petroleum which is derived from Slack Wax in the process of producing Paraffin wax. Residue Wax contains a high percentage of oil and based on the oil content can be found as a liquid or semi-solid in the room temperature. The oily nature of residue wax makes this product applicable as a lubricant in industrial environments.

Packing: Iron Drums



Test Method


Light Brown

BP 2015

Congealing Point

40 – 42 C

ASTM  D - 938

Drop Melting Point

42 – 44 C

ASTM  D - 127

Flash Point

200 – 220 C

ASTM  D - 92

Kinematic Viscosity at 100 C

6 – 7 cst

ASTM  D - 445

Oil Content

25 to 50 %

ASTM  D - 721

Specific Gravity at 25 C

0.81 – 0.85



Residue wax Application: Tire, Rubber, Plastic, Matchsticks, Polish, Grease, Shoe, etc.